How to build The Midi

Helpful hints

Here's some helpful hints for the bits some people get stuck on.

It can take a little bit of jiggling to get the top in the right place. Start by checking that the middle frame is in correctly, there should be a slot at the top (not the bottom) that you can see at the front. Now, start by aligning the front of the top panel with the top of the middle frame, keeping a close eye on that slot. Make sure the two sides and the back panels are slotted into the grooves on the inside. Around the back, make sure the middle frame is neatly tucking inside the top panel too. Take your time and when you are happy they are all in place, push down hard. You should hear a click when it’s down properly.

If any part is not correctly slotted into the grooves, push the panel up and realign, always starting with the middle front first. If you need to remove the top watch the ‘how do I remove the top’ video for tips.

If you ever need to take the locker apart you'll have to take the top panel off. It's the only tricky bit but once you've watched this video you'll know what to do and the rest is easy!

This one is easy! At the top of the door you just need to bend up the little tab to hold the L-shape bracket in place and that will hold the door in place.

Don't worry, we have lots of spare parts! 

Just email us at, tell us what you are missing and your postage details, we can send you what you need!

There's lots more juicy info on our Frequently Asked Questions page too!

Safety first! Make sure you read our locker safety page and follow our guidelines to keep you and your locker safe.

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